Teaching is a profession that is like none other. It takes great patience, excellent interpersonal skills, deep content knowledge and a lot of energy to manage a classroom and meaningfully engage with students and families. We have all learned how critical a teacher’s role is during this pandemic.

The week of May 1 through May 8 is National Teacher Appreciation Week, and I invite you to join me in celebrating the teachers we have in San Francisco public schools –– not only during Teacher Appreciation Week –– but all year long. 

Teachers are masterful at both teaching and learning, constantly growing and evolving as professionals. They handle challenges with grace and joy, committed to having a positive impact on their students’ lives.

Throughout the pandemic, teachers have found ways to connect with students despite numerous obstacles, and continue to guide our children through difficult experiences. 

Teacher Appreciation Week is a chance for us to reflect on what more we can do to support our educators right here in San Francisco. Here are a few ways:

  • Vote: Support local, state and national policies and elect officials that have a plan for adequately funding public education so our students and teachers can thrive.
  • Donate: You can donate to fund projects designed by SFUSD teachers through DonorsChoose. Your donations directly impact a teacher’s ability to create innovative learning experiences for their students.
  • We also invite you to support opportunities for thousands of teachers across the City to develop their craft through paid professional development or to help address the teacher shortage by donating to Spark* SF Public Schools districtwide programs and initiatives.
  • Share: My teachers at Grattan, Hoover and McAteer molded me into who I am today. Who were the teachers who made an impact on your life? What are some ways you can share your gratitude? Talk with your family, friends and coworkers about you or your children’s favorite SFUSD teachers, and share your stories on social media using the hashtag #SFLovesTeachers

To all San Francisco teachers I want to say: thank you for your commitment to our students every day and especially in the hardest of times. Thank you for bringing your professional and personal best to ensure each and every student receives the quality instruction and equitable support required to thrive in the 21st century.