Courtesy: Disney Pixar
Sebastian Medina Campos

Editor’s note: At El Tecolote, we value the diverse voices of our community. So when Acción Latina was able to secure passes for a special advanced screening of “Coco,” Disney Pixar’s new Day of the Dead-themed animated film directed by Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina, we thought it would be great opportunity to have someone from the neighborhood review the film. We are proud to publish this review of “Coco,” written by 10-year-old Sebastian Medina Campos, who attended the screening with his family.

A thing that is interesting about the movie “Coco” is how Disney Pixar got inspired to make the movie. Some life lessons in the movie are “follow your dreams,” “family is first,” and “love everybody.”

The hero of the movie is a 12-year-old boy named Miguel (voiced by Anthony Gonzalez) with a family that doesn’t like music. Miguel’s family hates music but they like making shoes. Based in the fictional town, Santa Cecilia, he attempts to participate in his town’s talent show, and after a series of events, Miguel and his friend Dante, a street dog, accidentally find themselves in the colorful Land of the Dead.

In the Land of the Dead, Miguel is reunited with his ancestors and meets his great great grandmother, Imelda. His ancestors try to return Miguel to the living world, but Miguel doesn’t want to until he completes his mission.

Courtesy: Disney Pixar

I identify with Miguel because we both like music. We both like guitars and we both have an idol. My favorite characters are Miguel, Dante, Hector (voiced by Gael García Bernal), Tío Felipe, Abuelita and Mama Coco (Miguel’s great grandmother). My family can relate to Miguel’s because they really like celebrations.

Hector is both fun and serious and he relates to my dad. Abuelita Imelda relates to my tía on my mom’s side. My little sister Joselyn thinks Mama Coco looks like our Tía Ana from my dad’s side of the family. For me, Mama Coco reminded me of my mom because Miguel tells his Mama Coco everything and I tell my mom everything. They are best friends.

Courtesy: Disney Pixar

I appreciated that Pixar took their time to develop the characteristics of the characters in “Coco” because it made me feel good. I’ve seen a movie with Latinos in it, but Joselyn had not. This was her first time. My sister thinks the movie was sad but still awesome. Her favorite character is Dante. When he goes to the Land of the Dead with Miguel, he turns into a spirit dog and can fly. My sister and I like Hector’s songs. Joselyn is learning the words to “Un Poco Loco.” It sounds like the type of music we listen to at home.

There were moments when I felt sad. The music did not help not make me sad. When Hector is almost forgotten, I felt sad. And when I really felt really sad was when Miguel and Mama Coco sang “Remember Me.” It was so sad that tears came out. It was sadder than “Titanic.” In the end I was sad and happy. We want to see it in Spanish now. People should go see it. They will cry. I give it five stars. There is also a chancla.

“Coco” is now playing in theaters.