Medjool sign hangs above the doors of the building soon to be occupied by the new Argentinian steak house Lolinda. Photo Ramsey El-Qare

An Argentinian steak house will inhabit the location of former Mission culinary institution Medjool, which closed in February—but with the unexpected addition of a cannabis “healing center,” which will contribute to the architectural facelift occurring on Mission between 21st and 22nd streets.

Lolinda, which slated to open in August, will feature “small to not-so-small” steaks grilled in the Brazilian churrascaria tradition and a total of 400 seats, including a rooftop with a panoramic view of the Mission and its neighboring districts.

Owner Adriano Paganini, who co-owns the Super Duper Burger chain and trendy Delarosa and Beretta eateries, is renting the 7,500 square foot restaurant—including rooftop—from Gus Murad, owner of Medjool.

The menu features sustainable cooking with Latin influences, and the cook staff hopes to appeal to a “whole-animal consciousness” that encourages sustainability and less waste—putting lengua and tripas, or cow tongue and intestines on the menu.

A tequila bar is likely to accompany the 150 seats on the rooftop, where a large heating canopy will maintain a warm temperature and shield the rooftop from wind.

“You could sit out here in your bikini,” said John Kieliszek, executive vice president of Heatray America, the company that manufactures heating umbrellas for posh restaurants like Hillstone at the Embarcadero.

Cannabis Dispensary
AGUILAS, Shanti and the LGBT Community Center (all of which work with HIV treatment, prevention and therapy) plan to open what AGUILAS Manager Eduardo Morales calls a “healing center” in a separate section of the unit.

Morales is aware of the federal crackdowns on several of the nearly two dozen San Francisco dispensaries, and said that he will establish a relationship with the federal government to oversee the clinic as a laboratory to record the effects of THC on patients who are wasting due to lack of appetite and pain.

“We cannot have an antagonistic relationship with the federal government,” Morales said.

Murad contacted Morales, director of AGUILAS, and offered the space as a contribution to the non-profit organization.