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Letter: Three episodes to kill Hemingway

Letter: Three episodes to kill Hemingway

I have never seen such a sinister documentary against a single person in my life. We expected to see a film about the author’s phenomenal literary work, about the history of American literature, and about the gigantic contribution of Ernest Hemingway, and yet we encountered a bunch of slanders, gossip, rumors, insults, denigrations, and attempts to move aside his literary work, through hours and hours on his intimate and personal life. The documentary, a huge piece of shit and an attempt to destroy the author’s humanity through tittle-tattle, does not reflect at all any serious analysis about the creative process and its originality. As in other of his millionaire documentaries, Mr. Burns is concerned with discrediting communism and making blatant propaganda for the United States and the capitalism it represents. He does not forgive the Bolsheviks who saved Europe and Spain. I think that may be the reason for so much hatred against Hemingway: Burns cannot tolerate an educated, intelligent United Statesian who is a bohemian, who is different, who is successful, and most of all who is COMMUNIST. The documentary contains various lies and hoaxes. One of them – in which the documentary contradicts itself – suggests that after Fidel’s Cuban revolution, Hemingway lost everything he had in Cuba. That is a big lie. Minutes later, the documentary shows his staff filming at Finca Vigía, Hemingway’s house that today is an important museum, showing Hemingway’s belongings intact. His glasses intact! his muddy boots intact! Nothing was lost. Fidel personally took care of all of Hemingway’s belongings and built the museum to safeguard the Hemingway legacy. Why don’t you mention any of that, you Burns? And to put out the fire with gasoline, Burns interviews the deranged Vargas Llosa, a right-wing writer who shows us that there are idiots who write very well. Vargas Llosa made friends with butchers of the Pinochet’s stature, insulted Garcia Marquez, and in his youth, he did not like Hemingway. If Hemingway were alive we would expect the same reaction he had against one of his lying detractors: he would have given Mr. Burns a good punch in the face!


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Fernando A. Torres

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  • You really tell the truth here Fernando, and defend Hemingway’s ideas and work. Burns is a disgrace. He did the same thing trying to revise the history of WW2, the Depression and other parts of our history, which is why he has big corporations and PBS falling all over themselves to fund his projects. Burns doesn’t deserve the reputation of being a documentarian.

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