The Puertorican band Mijo de la Palma has created a unique mix of Puerto Rican jíbaro music and contemporary acoustic sounds—a blend of poetry and musical textures that redefines the boundaries of contemporary Puerto Rican music. It provides the audience with multi-layered experiences by integrating mixed media into the performance. Born out of the eclectic musical scene in the western side of Puerto Rico, Mijo de la Palma’s sound is an unfolding of handcrafted jíbaro music and modern acoustic rhythms. The earthy, melancholic and intimate lament of the jíbaro intersects with upbeat and catchy tunes and flamenco music resulting in their trademark fusion jíbara. Suarez is an interdisciplinary artist and arts-educator who incorporates traditional dance and music from the African Diaspora in Latin America, original poetry, theater and lyrical compositions into a performing journey of emotions in search of collective healing and unification. YeYe’s lyrical and melodic compositions are complemented by musical arrangements from prestigious musicians such as Braulio Barrera, Felipe Pumarada, Miguelito Martinez, Diana Gameros, Jeremy Allen, Viviana Guzman and others

Admission: $15

Venue: Brava Theater, 2781 24th St.

For more info: (415) 641-7657