De izquierda a derecha: Juan Gonzales, editor fundador de El Tecolote; Servio Gomez de la Galería Back to the Picture; Juliana Mojica, publicista y productora de artes culturales; Rick Flores, actor; Andrew Wood (arriba), director ejecutivo del Festival Internacional de Artes Internacionales; Georgiana Hernandez, directora ejecutiva de Acción Latina; Linda Wilson, archivista de fotografía de El Tecolote y curadora de la exhibición; y Randy Figures, de la Galería Back to the Picture. Photo Lou Dematteis

Aug. 24 marked El Tecolote’s 42nd birthday, and this year we celebrate four decades of publishing in the Mission District with an exhibition of photos from our extensive photographic archive dating back to the 1970s.

“Selections” celebrates and honors photographers who have donated their time and energy and, in some cases (photojournalists who covered the wars in Central America), risked their lives in order to bring the news to the Latino community.

El Tecolote’s 42nd year anniversary is a time to thank all the photographers, writers, artists, poets and translators who have made these 42 years possible.

Back To the Picture Gallery hosted a celebration Aug. 20-26, with food, music by Francisco Herrera and a silent auction of photographs by Frank Espada Amanda López and Lou Dematteis.

El Tecolote’s Photographic archive is located in the Acción Latina building on 2958 24th St. and is open to the public Fridays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. It also includes El Tecolote’s back issues, as well as issues of the now defunct New Mission News and a large collection of silkscreen posters.

For more information contact Linda Wilson, archivist, at (415) 571-5912 to schedule an appointment.