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Who will be Nancy Pelosi’s only opponent on the November ballot?

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Not voting for Bernie? Even so, please read a bit further to learn something about the importance of setting the stage for a real dialog that explores the government’s role in maintaining the health and welfare of all Americans.

My name is Barry Hermanson. I am a Green Party candidate for Congress. Greens are advocates for the environment, economic and social justice, and peace. A Democrat until age 50, I registered with the Green Party in 2001. For me, Greens represent the best of what Democratic Party leaders used to stand for.

The New Deal of the 1930’s established government programs and policies designed to improve conditions for people suffering in the Great Depression. Today, Washington politicians on both sides of the aisle support never ending war, corporate profits over the environment and tax breaks for the wealthy. The voices of working people are rarely heard above the deafening sound of money. I agree with Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein, that it is time for a Green New Deal.

What you need to know about how this year’s elections will play out: Four candidates for Congress will be on the June 7th primary election ballot. And two will move forward to the November election due to recent changes in the California elections code.

Nancy Pelosi will, no doubt, be one of the two. Who will you choose to be her opponent? If the Republican perspective is the only other viewpoint available, voters will miss an opportunity to ask one of the most powerful Democrats in the country about her priorities for the next two years. In San Francisco, Republicans will rarely, if ever, be handed the microphone to debate a Democrat.

Who will be Nancy Pelosi’s only opponent on the November ballot? It is your choice. I ask for your vote on June 7.

Barry Hermanson


Story by: Barry Hermanson