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To the Mexican Government, Multinational Corporations, Tourist Industry, and Mennonite Leadership,

We write in support of the Mayan activists in the Yucatán who are opposing the destruction wrought by the “Maya Train,” by planned urbanization of the Yucatán, intensive pig farming, large solar and wind farms. These projects threaten to destroy Mayan lands and sacred sites and displace Mayan people from their ancestral lands from which they depend for work and food. The large, industrial pig farms are poisoning the cenotes and the fumigation of large GMO soy beans plantations is killing pollinators such as bats, birds and bees. Further, all of the aforementioned projects damage complex ecosystems and are threatening the wellbeing of the planet.

We sign below in support of the resistance efforts of Mayan communities united in the Muuch’ Xiinbal Assembly of Defenders of Mayan Territory, which includes Pedro Uc Be and all the people who are working for the protection of the environment. We demand that you halt further destruction of the forest and remediate negative environmental impacts. We demand that you create equitable opportunities for Mayan people and include the Maya communities in the planning of any future development in the Yucatán peninsula.


Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA)

Oakland, California

Latin Educational Association

San Francisco, California

Eastlake United for Justice

Oakland, California  

Book and Wheel, Cultural Workers

San Francisco, California

San Francisco Flor y Canto

San Francisco, California

Edgar L. Torres, Department Chair

Latin American and Latino Studies

City College of San Francisco

San Francisco, California 

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