The United Educators of San Francisco’s Executive Board voted tonight to demand School Board Commissioner Ann Hsu resign and drop out of the race for a full-term board seat.

This is a quote from UESF President Cassondra Curiel:

“It is sad and stunning that someone who is supposed to represent the interests of all San Francisco public school students responded in a written candidate survey with racist and offensive comments. Ann Hsu has no place in the education of our children and must resign and get out of the school board race,” said UESF President Cassondra Curiel.

The statement below was approved by the UESF Executive Board:

“The United Educators of San Francisco denounces in the strongest terms the racist statements made by SFUSD School Board Commissioner Ann Hsu. There is absolutely no space for compromise with statements from public officials, especially from among our own Board of Education, that seek to dismiss the very real impacts of historical marginalization and structural racism our students and families face and overcome on a daily basis.

As such, Hsu should take full responsibility by immediately resigning. The mayor needs to reflect deeply before selecting a temporary appointment that shares the value and knowledge of equity and can unite rather than divide our public school community. We join with other San Francisco leaders in demanding Hsu’s resignation.”

The leadership and membership of UESF reflects the diversity and richness of experiences of our City; the City we proudly serve. We are invested in making sure we continue to move forward as a united and thriving community by centering social and racial justice.

Teanna Tillery, a longtime paraeducator and current Sergeant at Arms of UESF, who raised a Black man as a single Black mother, wants every elected official to know, “As a Black leader who works in SFUSD, I feel completely disrespected and as long as Ms. Hsu continues as a school board commissioner, I do not feel that we can protect our children, families and communities.”

San Francisco public schools have endured a very challenging period over the past few years. UESF educators and families of SFUSD are rightfully demanding that students be placed at the center of all our work. This requires that all of SFUSD’s incoming leaders, especially those in the highest decision-making body, the Board of Education, be absolutely aligned in their work on behalf of our public school communities. Having an acting commissioner, one that seeks reelection in November, who publicly makes racist statements that have long harmed our members, students and families is absolutely not permissible.

In Unity and Solidarity,

United Educators of San Francisco