Ray Patlán, a beloved artist and pillar of the country’s mural movement, died Monday morning from illness in an Oakland hospice. He was 77.

In his early years, Patlán was a respected muralist in his hometown of Chicago where he helped spearhead its mural movement. His dedication to painting murals followed him to San Francisco, where he established new roots as a much-celebrated cultural worker in the Mission District.

Over the years Patlán stayed true to his mission that his work would serve as a tool for social change and reflect the true character and challenges of his cherished communities.

Patlán was not only a master muralist. As a dedicated teacher, he mentored thousands of emerging artists, both locally and throughout the world, showing them the craft and the powerful role it can play in fighting injustices.

El Tecolote will soon present a full tribute about the life of Ray Patlán and his contributions as a renowned muralist.

¡Ray Patlán, Presente!