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Aerosol fumes filled the atmosphere throughout the alleyways off 24th Street during the Meeting Of Styles (MOS) event, where hundreds gathered to share their passion for graffiti writing and street art. The three-day event—Sept. 18-20—was hosted by Mission Art 415 and the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. The international MOS organization has had more than 200 events worldwide, with Mission Art 415 hosting San Francisco’s second event since 2010. The event also celebrated the 28th anniversary of “Spraycan Art” by James Prigoff and Henry Chalfant, one of the first published books to document graffiti art in New York City and around the world. Mission Art 415 was established in response to the drug abuse, prostitution, and defecation that frequently took place in the alleys off 24th Street.

Through commissioned murals and educational programs, the organization works with the Department of Public Works and the Police Department in cleaning Lilac Alley, along with Cyprus and Osage. Different styles of graffiti and street art were noticeable throughout. Max “Eon75” Ehrman, a graffiti muralist with a master’s degree in architecture, used a triangle ruler to draw lines as a base before spray painting some blocks with color. An estimated 30-foot piece by artists Hex and Skill was filled with breakdancers. Collaborative artist duo and couple Carlos Aguilar and Ksra, painted a wall with creature-like characters.

Rigel “CRAY ONE” Juratovac believes this event can help erase the negative stigma attached to graffiti. “Who’s using the spray can? Your sons and daughters, they’re not in a gang they just want to create art,” said Juratovac. “It’s so convenient, a can is pressurized by air. It’s the new generation’s brush. An open mic stage, organized by Hip-Hop For Change, gave music artists such as Coco Peila and Dregs One a chance to perform.