One Billion Rising began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that one-in-three women on the planet will be brutalized or raped during her lifetime: “One Billion Women Violated Is An Atrocity!” / “One Billion Women Dancing to demand an end to Violence on V-Day is a Revolution!,” is part of the global movement to end violence against women and girls.The event (in Oakland) is a ritual performance celebration featuring community-based artists and advocates for women and girls, in which attendees are invited to contribute their work to a live altar and to participate in efforts to transform the helplessness and tragedy of violence into celebratory change • Featuring: Maestra Luisah Teish, singer Holly Near, Destiny Arts, Fat Chance Belly Dance, Youth Speaks, Dance Brigade, Grrl Brigade, Gina Breedlove, Afia Walking Tree, Mona de Vestel, Shelley Doty, Arisika Razak, Richelle Donigan, Eve Decker, Hand to Hand, and Chhoti Maa for an evening of beauty, community, and holding the collective consciousness for a violence-free planet.

Where: First Congregational Church, 2501 Harrison Street (at 27th: close to 19th St., BART) Oakland

Admission: Tickets are sliding scale $10-$100 ( free for youth under 17)  100 percent of proceeds go to IDEX women’s projects around the world

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