Bay Area residents gathered outside San Francisco’s Mission Station at 17th and Valencia Streets on April 24, 2021, marking the five-year anniversary of the Frisco 5 Hunger Strike, and advocate for continued police reform. In response to incessant deaths of Black and Brown people by police, the Frisco 5 carried out a hunger strike in 2016 to protest systemic racism and demand the removal of former Police Chief Greg Suhr. Following the multi-week hunger strike which ended with the Frisco 5 being hospitalized, chief Suhr resigned. Five years later, the Frisco 5 continue their fight for social justice in a country which has been ignited by the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Sean Monterrosa and many more. Edwin Lindo, a member of the Frisco 5 stated Saturday night: “They still keep killing people. They may have invested more money, they may have done some more training, but the truth is that there is only really one solution—if the goal is to stop them from killing our people, then that means they need to be abolished.” Photos: Benjamin Fanjoy

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