Death is just another part of life, and as another year passes, so many dear to us depart to the other side and begin their journey as our ancestors. El Tecolote remembers so many community members from all walks of life through the year–the people that meant so much to the San Francisco Mission District, changed the city, participated in national struggles, lived immigrant dreams, influenced the globe and more.

Photo Essay: Remembering nuestros muertos en la Misión

From WWII Veteran to family man, the life of Socorro Gonzales

Juan Pablo Gutiérrez: The life and legacy of a Latino gay artist, advocate

PODCAST: Remembering Juan Pablo Gutiérrez

Reflecting on the musical legacy of Cuban troubadour, Pablo Milanés 

Bidding farewell to early El Tecolote photographer, Pat Howard

Rest in Peace and Power Francisco Flores Landa: a Community Rebel at Heart

Mitchell Salazar: A Community Warrior Who Made a Difference

Remembering Antonio Ramírez: A Servant of Our Community, Advocate for Justice

El Tecolote says goodbye to dedicated past contributor Ken E. Segovia

PODCAST: El Tecolote’s Photo Archivist, Linda Wilson, about the legendary Latino and LGBTQ activist and artist, Juan Pablo Gutierrez. 

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