Tensions high at Woods police commission meeting

In the wake of the highly publicized and controversial officer-involved shooting death of Mario Woods,…

Family demands release of ICE detained Salvadoran immigrant

What was supposed to be a happy moment for Pedro Figueroa and his fiancée on…

The death of Mario Woods at the hands of the SFPD

On Dec. 2, Mario Woods’ name was added to the long and growing list of…

News Briefs Nov. 19 – Dec. 12

Bay Area news in brief from the November 19, 2015 issue of El Tecolote.

Still no closure on year anniversary of Rashawn Williams’ killing

As a group of nearly 100 people surrounded Rubin’s Market on Sept. 2 at the corner of 26th and Folsom streets—many of them friends, teachers and family of the late 14-year-old Rashawn Williams—Victoria Morales prayed for her grandson “Shawnito.”

Community rejects SFPD account of slain Latino

“How many shots does it take to kill a guy this high?” Eduardo Roman demanded to know, lifting his hand to the center of his chest roughly five feet above the floor.

Foul play: Celebrations turn ugly as Giants win third championship

Watching Madison Bumgarner toss five masterful shutout innings in relief to close out the 2014 World Series apparently wasn’t enough for some people, who still felt the urge to throw stuff.