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On April 8, a century ago, María Félix (Sonora, April 8, 1914—Mexico City, April 8, 2002), also known as La Doña María Bonita, was born. She was a famed Mexican Actress, one of the great figures of the golden age of Mexican cinema.

Her huge film presence, personality and exceptional beauty made this actress ​​a Mexican icon of luxury, elegance and intelligence. Irreverent and rebellious, Félix was fearless in expressing her opinions in politics, the arts and life in the Mexico of her time.

Representing both artistry and mythology, her personality allowed her to seamlessly fuse her unique style and temperament with characters and stories she portrayed.

In her career, La Doña filmed 47 movies, all costarring talented actors including Pedro Armendariz, Arturo de Cordova, Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, Ignacio López Tarso, and Emilio Fernández, among others. Felíx married Agustín Lara (who immortalized her by composing the song “Maria Bonita” in her honor) and Jorge Negrete.

For many, Doña Bárbara (1943) was the pinnacle of her film career. Her role in this film would further define the features of this woman who, through her speech, stressed the value of women in a developing Mexico.

Symbols of her personality could always be found in her elegant style, as she often fashioned a hat and cigar.