Comunidad, welcome back to Radio Teco News, a podcast of the legacy San Francisco based community bilingual Latino Newspaper, El Tecolote. My name is Alexis Terrazas, editor-in-chief, and in this next episode, we will have a conversation with Dr. Carlos Martinez, an assistant professor of Migrant Health & Social Justice in the Latin American & Latino Studies Department at UC Santa Cruz. Just five days into the new year, president Biden had a message for people seeking asylum from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Haiti. 

“Do not — do not just show up at the border. Stay where you are and apply legally from there,” Biden said.

Since 2018, Dr. Martinez has done ethnographic fieldwork with migrants stuck at the Tijuana border. In this episode, Dr. Martinez breaks down the Biden administration’s recent Humanitarian Parole Plan, the continued barring of migrants under the enforcement of Title 42, and talks about his own ethnographic fieldwork.