Farmers’ Market Vouchers Available Soon to WIC Participants. The Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program at Native American Health Center’s WIC Program! Special checks are being provided for participants at every WIC agency this year, including Native American Health Center (NAHC) in Oakland, San Francisco, and Alameda. A limited supply of $20 checks for fresh fruits and vegetables will be available beginning July 23rd to any eligible WIC family, with priority given to exclusively breastfeeding mothers and those who inquire directly. Checks can be used at any California WIC-authorized Farmer’s Market. Children cared for by fathers, foster parents, grandparents and other guardians also may qualify. Migrant workers and women who are early in their pregnancy are especially encouraged to apply for program services.

Where: 3124 International Blvd., Oakland.

Contact: Mica Valdez, (510) 434-5446  /  /