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More than 50 people gathered outside the San Francisco headquarters of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Jan. 6 to protest recent heightened threats of deportation.

Undocumented immigrants seeking asylum in the United States spoke of the dangers of being sent back home. One undocumented woman stood by her small child and lawyer, and bravely asked for protection. She said that if she is deported, she would be killed and worries about what may happen to her daughter.

Organizers of the rally advocated for these immigrants to be treated like refugees, to be granted asylum instead of having to fear hearing ICE knocking on their doors.

Attorney Grisel Ruiz, of the Immigration Legal Resource Center (ILRC) said that many don’t know their rights, such as the right to remain silent, and that she hopes to educate undocumented immigrants on what to do if intimidated by ICE. Ruiz stressed the importance of remaining silent, not answering any questions, or opening the door. She said that many deportation cases are based on things the immigrant said in questioning to the authorities.

She suggests not answering any questions, and instead calling a trusted attorney or local agency for help.

[su_box title=”KNOW YOUR RIGHTS”]DON’T OPEN THE DOOR. ICE can’t go inside without a warrant. If they pressure you into opening the door so they can show you a warrant, tell them to slide the warrant under the door.

RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT Don’t answer any questions. Don’t say anything. This is very important. Most cases made against people deported are made by things they said during interrogation.

NEVER SIGN ANYTHING Sometimes people are pressured into signing their own voluntary deportation.


ASK FOR HELP Keep the name of a trusted immigration attorney on hand

-Asian Law Caucus
-Centro Legal de la Raza (Oakland)

-Helen Laurence (Oak)
-Christina Lee (SF)
-Mary Beth Kaufman (SF)

PLAN FOR CHILDREN. ICE doesn’t care what happens to the children of those detained for deportation. Make a plan of who will care for your children in that case.

REPORT RAID ACTIVITY to neighbors and local agencies.
-Trust Act
-Causa Justa[/su_box]