With the so-called “Freedom” protests taking place at government buildings across the country, one such group gathered outside San Francisco City Hall on May 9.

The group numbered about 50 in total. Carrying American flags and signs, the group was part of the FULLY OPEN CA NOW Movement—a group that holds rallies across the state demanding that Gov. Gavin Newsom lift the state’s shelter-in-place order.

The San Francisco protesters—like many of those across the country—insist that their freedoms as Americans are under attacked with elected and health officials trying to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus by sheltering in place.

“The elderly, sick, and high risk are encouraged to quarantine while the healthy and the able have a right to live their lives,” reads the group’s website.

The protest came on the heals of COVID-19 study in San Francisco’s Mission District, which found that of the 74 people that tested positive, 90 percent said that they didn’t have the privilege to shelter in place, and where 95.1 percent identified as Latino/Latinx or Hispanic.