Yoani Sanchez was granted a passport and will now be able to travel around the world. Photo courtesy Babalublog.com

Cuban dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez was denied a “white card” (exit visa) some 20 times under Cuba’s previous travel policy.

Since 1961, Cubans faced the white card process as a bureaucratic barrier to traveling outside of their country. But a new law that lifts the exit visa requirement went into effect Jan. 14. After the law was enacted, Sanchez was granted a passport, and is now en route on an 80-day tour throughout Latin America, Europe and the United States.

During her tour, Sanchez has collected awards granted to her over the years, visited academic institutions and used the international media spotlight to voice her opinions about Cuba.

Sanchez has been received with both praise and protests for her stance on Cuba globally. The people of Cuba remain largely unfamiliar with her work, as the Cuban government continues to enforce strict limitations on access to Internet.