Brava Theater. Photo Hanna Quevedo

At its regularly scheduled public hearing held Feb. 5, The San Francisco Entertainment Commission voted unanimously to approve Brava Theater’s recent application for an entertainment license. The historic theater, opened in 1926, is located at 2781 24th St. in San Francisco’s Mission District. Previously known as “The York,” Brava now showcases more than 100 events each year and houses a wide spectrum of cultural arts programming for youth and adults.

More than a dozen individuals from the Mission attended the hearing in support of Brava’s application. Lined up along the perimeter of the public hearing meeting room, business owners, residents and cultural directors from the Mission waited their turns to offer accolades for the theater and the leadership of Brava’s executive director, Stacie Powers Cuellar.

Erick Arguello, president of the 24th Streets Merchants and Neighbors Association, told the commissioners the theater was “vital to our corridor.” Robin Takayama, from San Francisco Arts Commission, said Brava is “a cultural anchor.” Everyone who spoke described Brava as a good neighbor, and agreed that the organization provides a safe, high-quality venue for audiences and local residents.

According to Powers Cuellar, the Entertainment Commission had determined that Brava must apply for a license because of some recent changes, including the promotion of a few DJ’s at certain special events.
A peace officer from SFPD Mission Station told the commissioners she was recommending that a set of eight conditions be applied to the license, adding that most were related to ensuring security. She emphasized repeatedly that the Mission Station was in full support of Brava.