Royvi Hernandez

In this artist spotlight, we profile the aspiring Mexican muralist Mario Cid Gonzalez.

Although not a full-time artist yet, Mario Cid Gonzalez has been painting murals throughout the Mission District since he arrived from Mexico 2011.

“When I arrived here, I was attracted to the art that was here in San Francisco and I said, ‘I can do this.’ There were beautiful murals but I said, ‘Maybe I can paint one better,’” Gonzalez said in Spanish.

He painted La Princessa Xochitl at 23rd Street and South Van Ness Avenue and another mural at the Walgreens corner at 23rd and Mission streets, to name a few of his works.

Gonzalez not only paints murals but also paints letters for businesses throughout the area and advises other artists to seek work by being available for any type of project. 

“It’s important for artists to spread their artwork and go to businesses, asking if they’re interested in having something painted because not many businesses will come to you or ask for you, therefore, you must go directly to the client,” he said.

White artists make up about 74 percent of all artists and Hispanic or Latinx artists make up about 11 percent, according to Zippia’s Artist Demographics and Statistics in the U.S. webpage

Gonzalez believes the Mission is rich in Latino art culture, which has been a great treasure to the community. 

“The Mission has a great potential and great cultural heritage to spread,” he said. “A huge part of that is the art that continues to grow.”