It was the era of the Brown Berets and Vietnam War protests, and cops had already warned L.A. Times journalist Rubén Salazar to “stop stirring up the Mexicans” with his coverage of police brutality, frame-ups and extra-judicial killings. Weeks later, Salazar met his early demise at the Silver Dollar Bar in East L.A., after a Sheriff’s deputy fired a 10-inch teargas projectile at his head. Rubén Salazar: Man in the Middle, a new documentary about this little-known Mexican-American protagonist, is as much about a generation’s rite-of-passage from assimilationism to Chicanismo as it is about Salazar’s journalistic legacy and suspicious death.The film will be introduced by: Rosalío Muñoz, co-chair of the 1970 Chicano Moratorium in Los Angeles; Dr. Félix Gutiérrez, professor, USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism; Ernesto B. Vigil, member of the Crusade for Justice from 1968–1981; Ricardo Lopez, advisor and Associate Producer of the film; Camille Taiara, journalist.

Where: Roxie Theater, 3117, 16th St.

Admission: $10

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