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Photos and Story by Angelica Ekeke

“La Lucha Sigue!” was the rallying cry of more than 30 students and participants on Friday Jan. 30 at a march held on the steps of UC Berkeley’s historical Sproul Plaza.

The march, “Berkeley con Ayotzinapa,” was organized by two Mexican American Berkeley students. Karla Garcia and Ismael Chamu, both political science majors, harbor concerns over the Mexican government and its response to the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students, who were kidnapped and killed over 4 months ago in Iguala, Guerrero. Garcia and Chamu organized the march in order to send the message: that although these students are dead, there are other students demonstrating solidarity and demanding answers from the Mexican government.

“I want  the people in Mexico to know that we are standing with them, especially because they were students,” said Garcia.

The march was preceded by a traditional Aztec dance, which then led the group down Telegraph Avenue toward Oakland. The students plan to continue to advocate and work closely with organizations who are supporting the families of the 43 students who were killed.