GUATEMALA: Guatemala puts dictator Efrain Rios Montt on Trial
Almost three decades after now-retired general, Efrain Rios Montt, took power of Guatemala through a coup d’etat, he is facing trial for crimes against humanity.

Montt is accused of ordering the mass killings of at least 1,771 unarmed civilians—in almost 100 separate massacres—and the extreme sexual violation of 1,400 women and children. His actions resulted in the displacement of some 30,000 persons, the majority of whom took refuge in Mexico.

A Guatemalan military officer has never been convicted for crimes committed during the 36-year Civil War, which began in 1960.

MEXICO: Drought ravages Mexico
Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, said that Mexico is experiencing the driest conditions recorded in seven decades. The severe drought affects half of its municipalities and is crushing the corn and bean harvests.

According to the National Association of Commercial Businesses, the drought has destroyed 80 percent of Mexico’s bean production and 50 percent of its corn and wheat output, directly affecting at least 2 million people.