Singer, song-writer Claudia Villela brings the audience face-to-face with the essence of Brazil through one of her provocative, high-energy pieces. Photo Sadie Lauer

The Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, a series of cultural events showcasing a wide range of music, dance and theater performances, continued on August 20 with “Brazil in the Gardens,” an open air celebration of Brazilian music and composers. The event brought an air of vitality to the grassy hills of the park and enlivened the surrounding area, encouraging passersby to stay a while and listen. The event brought upbeat song and dance to the overcast day and filled the garden with smiling people of all ages. El Tecolote photographer Saidy Lauer was there to capture the moment.

Vocalist Moyseis Marques of Rio De Janeiro performs “Mito Nacimiento,” a wonderful start to an afternoon of Brazilian music in the park. Photo Saidy Lauer
People young and old litter the park on a warm afternoon, enjoying the classical strumming of guitar virtuouso Alessandro Penezzi. Photo Saidy Lauer
A couple dances in the Gardens, inspiring others nearby to get up and move to the music. Photo Saidy Lauer