Mexican boxing champ Erik Morales reflects on career

The ring alias, “El Terrible,” that Erik Morales went by during his decade-long boxing career,…

Latino NFL hall of famer hosts camp for Bay Area youth

Pro Football Hall of Famer Anthony Muñoz—the greatest offensive lineman ever to play—partnered with the Oakland Raiders to host a football camp for 350 Bay Area children.

Fighting for pride: ‘Golden Boy’ reflects on boxing career, heritage

Pride is among the most gratifying of feelings, as when one’s hand is raised in…

NF-El primero: first Latino Super Bowl winning head coach rooting for history

As Ron Rivera—the son of a Puerto Rican father and Mexican-American mother—coaches his Carolina Panthers…

International SF tournament shows game of squash ripening in U.S.

For 49 grueling minutes, Colombia’s Miguel Angel Rodriguez—the highest ranked South American ever to play squash—did everything in his power to fend off the three-time World Squash Champion Nick Matthew during the men’s semi-final match at the NetSuite Open Squash Championships in San Francisco on Sept. 28.

Family inspires first Chicano heavyweight ultimate fighting champion

When Isabel Velásquez saw the massive 6-foot-3, 264-pound Brock Lesnar—the man her son Caín was moments from challenging for the Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight title—she prayed.

Fighting back against Parkinson’s

The sound of gloved fists crashing against punching bags echoed through Polk Street Boxing Gym as eager students wrapped their hands in gauze and tape. These individuals weren’t readying for an ordinary 90-minute fitness class however, they were preparing to fight back against Parkinson’s disease.

Fighting like a girl: Bay Area boxer wins world championship

Bay area flyweight champion boxer Melissa “Mighty” McMorrow is “4-foot-10 on a good day.”

Bay Area native boxes her way to heavyweight title

By Alexis Terrazas It was rowdy, cramped and unkempt inside the Longshoreman’s Hall; the boozed-up…

Unlucky punch: Knockdown proves costly as local boxer loses biggest bout

Boxing is unapologetic. Fighters get hurt, ribs get bruised, and a single blow can alter…