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Pageant winner visits Bay Area to raise awareness of Nicaragua’s coastal area
Scharllette Allen Moses, Miss Nicaragua 2010, beside Jesus Rojas during her visit to Oakland’s Children’s Hospital in her first social visit to the Bay Area.

In her first social visit to the Bay Area, Scharllette Allen Moses, Miss Nicaragua 2010, visited the Oakland’s Children’s Hospital where she interacted with families and kids with severe illnesses such as cancer. Among the families there was a grandmother from Nicaragua who was aware of Scharllette’s visit and wanted to surprise her granddaughter, a patient, by telling her moments before that Miss Nicaragua had come to visit her. The initial surprise was very emotional for not only the young lady who was hospitalized but also for her grandmother; Scharllette herself fought back tears. Soon after the initial emotional response, however, their smiles illuminated the room. had the honor of accompanying this beautiful young lady throughout her visit, who is the first Miss Nicaragua that originates from the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua from a city called Bluefields. Not only did she bring her radiant beauty and charisma that won her the title of the most beautiful woman in Nicaragua, but she also brought with her an important message, one that left the Nicaraguan community and all of the bay area with the willingness to lend a helping hand in support of Nicaragua.

During the evening Scharllette was the special guest in the 2nd Annual Taste of Nicaragua Gala, an event organized by blueEnergy, a nonprofit organization that works to help bring energy stabilization to the Atlantic Coast regions of Nicaragua. The Gala is a fundraiser aimed at bringing help to this very impoverished region in Nicaragua. Scharllete looked spectacular as she gracefully worked the floor, which was full of guests who surrounded her with the anticipation of getting to know this beauty from Nicaragua.

Story by: Erik Leiva