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We’re Working For You

We’re Working For You

Happy Latino Heritage Month! 

My name is Joaquín Torres and it is an honor to serve my community as your Assessor-Recorder. Since taking office earlier this year, and during this unprecedented time, where every resource matters, we’ve made sure that San Francisco’s financial stability and security continues. Together with community partners, we’ve also held community forums to educate you on new state laws and personal finances, upgraded our office to make your visits easier, faster and more welcoming online and in person, and taken every opportunity to be present with you in our neighborhoods. We’re here for you and it’s our job to make sure you have access to the information you need to be successful. My commitment to community and service builds on my previous role leading the Office of Economic and Workforce Development throughout this pandemic. We delivered recovery and relief programs for those most impacted by COVID-19—those struggling to keep their businesses going, to stay safe at work, to provide food for their families, and to have community access to testing and vaccines.  

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Last year, San Francisco expanded COVID-19 related services to the Latino community to address the inequities exposed by the virus. Our community made up 50.2 percent of those that tested positive for COVID-19 and we are 15 percent of the city’s population. Together with the Latino Taskforce and other nonprofit and health leaders in our community, we made sure resources were guided by those who understood our needs the most. Mayor Breed allocated funds for COVID-19 testing, food insecurity, housing subsidies and eviction defense, and small business and workforce relief. And we thank our community members that know us, communicate with us in our language, keep us healthy and save lives.

The possibility of these and other vital programs begin in part from the work we do. My office’s work provides over 25 percent of San Francisco’s $13.1 billion budget. That means decision-makers have the money to invest in our communities: our parks, our schools, our first-responders and those programs and partners that make San Francisco shine.

We know good service is important to you. By modernizing our systems, we’ve made the basics work better with faster turnaround times and lower fees. So take advantage of the ability to interact with our office remotely, view critical documents, and all on your own time. You will find it easier to engage our office in-person or electronically, and locate marriage certificates with ease and lower costs. If you prefer to come into our office, our dedicated staff is here to serve you at City Hall.

We want you to have the information you need. Many answers to your questions can be found at And with our expanded Family Wealth Series, with community partners, we bring you up to date information on personal finances, changes in state property laws, and property taxes. These one hour translated seminars provide connection to local experts and some of your tougher questions can be asked and answered on the spot. In case you missed it, these seminars can be found on our website with new programs to come.

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Our work to advance racial equity continues. Governor Newsom just signed a bill that authorizes my office to remove racist language in historical documents. Before the Governor signed the bill, I wrote and urged him to do so. This law will remove racist covenant language that was added into deeds to prevent Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans from purchasing property in some neighborhoods and whose influence can still be seen today. While more work remains, this law is another tool that will advance racial equity, acknowledge past wrongs, and push us towards further realizing San Francisco values. 

As we celebrate Latino Heritage Month, we have much to be thankful for and much to be proud of. By coming together, community and government, we’ve shown what’s possible. And now the work continues. I look forward to meeting you and serving you, en comunidad. 

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