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Adiós, Francisco X. Alarcón: 1954-2016

Adiós, Francisco X. Alarcón: 1954-2016

*On the morning of Jan. 15, 2016, beloved Chicano poet Francisco X. Alarcón died of cancer. He was 61. Below are photos from the event ¡Viva la Vida! on Jan. 10 at Cafe La Boheme in San Francisco’s Mission District, celebrating Francisco’s life. Please see our next issue on Jan. 28 for a special tribute to the life and legacy of Francisco X. Alarcón, featuring art and poems from his contemporaries. If you have a poem, images or artwork of Francisco that you would like to submit, please send to

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Angel of Poetry
Oh, my dearest
Guardian Angel,
Angel of Poetry
I was thirteen years old
when on my mouth with
passion you kissed me
my Grandma Elvira,
holding a mandolin,
was the only witness
“listen to the song
of the flowers, m’ijo;
in xochitl in cuicatl”
my Grandma sensed
your presence, Angel
of the Ancient Wisdom
and since then you are
my most loyal companion
everywhere, day and night.

—Francisco X. Alarcón

Sunday, Jan. 10 was a very special day. Family, friends, musicians, Aztec dancers and even the poet Francisco X. Alarcon himself was present, to read his poetry, despite his condition, since he was diagnosed with cancer last year.


The event, “Long live Life (Viva la Vida),” a song of love for Francisco X. Alarcon, was actually that: a demonstration of love.

The poet is a warrior. “Viva la vida!” he exclaimed to the four directions, his voice echoing in the hearts of all who were present with him, and together they too exclaimed, “Viva la vida.”


Cafe La Boheme is, as Francisco X. Alarcon says it is, the cathedral of poetry.

Story by: Jorge Argueta

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  • I retired in “2014” of March and I begin too read and write–somewhat. Slowly I familiarize myself with poets, writers and actors. My goal was to hook up with these writers. Francisco was one of them. I enjoy reading and studying his poems. And I will continue to read and study his prose. May Francisco be sitting on the right hand of our Father. By His grace we are save. God is forgiving and merciful. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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