Causa Justa

Now more than ever, we should demand justice for all women

Indigenous environmental activist Berta Cáceres knew she would not live to see old age. Her…

Feinstein bill draws ire from immigrant community

Roughly 40 people rallied at the 1 Post St. headquarters of Diane Feinstein in response to the senator’s proposed legislation that activists say will violate San Francisco’s “Sanctuary City” and “Due Process for All” policies, as well as destroying trust between the immigrant community and local police.

Six Things Your Landlord Does Not Want You to Know

Many landlords are cashing in on the hot rental market by getting their long-term tenants to move. Some use the threats of evictions, others use lies, intimidation, and harassment, while others agree to pay money to get the tenant to move (“buy-out”). These landlords and their lawyers don’t want you to know what your rights are. Here are a few of them: