Community divided over Día de los Muertos tradition

The pounding rhythms of the youth drumming group Loco Bloco echoed off the buildings along 24th Street during the “Our Mission: No Evictions” Day of the Dead procession on Nov. 2.

Autismo impacta más fuerte a familias latinas

Para hispano hablantes, accesar información y recursos es difícil y hacer tiempo para terapias puede ser un reto, pero Josefina Nieves, una madre soltera, está criando a dos hijos adolescentes, Daniel y Nestor, y ambos tienen autismo. 

Autism hits Latino families harder

For Spanish-speakers, accessing information and resources is difficult and making time for therapies can be a challenge, but Josefina Nieves, a single mother, is managing to raise two teenage sons, Daniel and Nestor, both of whom have autism.