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Jorge Hernández-Mondragón: 1952-2019
Jorge Hernández-Mondragón

Family and friends of Jorge Alex Hernández-Mondragón, a former community activist, who died On Feb. 13, 2019, are preparing their final goodbye for this Saturday, April 27, the day he would have turned 66.

An architect, community worker, artist and rugby and golf player, he spent his last years living in Corte Madera and died in a hospital near his home after suffering an aneurysm.

Surrounded by family, friends and friends, Jorge Alex began his final journey. No doubt, now having been transformed into cosmic dust, Jorge will be present for this celebration of his life.

Jorge was born on April 27, 1952 in Colonia Nueva Santa María in Mexico City. He was born to Pedro and Esperanza Hernández Mondragón and was the third of their six children.

He graduated from U.C. Santa Cruz. Today we remember him as a man who always cared about the development of his Latino/Chicano community in the Bay Area.

During the decade of the ‘70s, in his quest to share and contribute to his community, he worked educating migrant children in the Migrant Education program in Salinas.

Later, he was the board president of the Mission Cultural Center, where he developed multiple cultural projects, including projects for the 24th Street Merchant Association.

Jorge lived his way, always smiling and willing to make time to enjoy life.

This old-fashioned gentleman is survived by his three brothers, Roque, Frank, and Eric and two sisters Dulce María and Martha, as well as his children Lucas and Theodore and a huge family of friends, who miss him dearly.

Until always, Jorge! Your community will miss you.

Story by: Chelis Lopez