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News Briefs: July 13-26, 2017

News Briefs: July 13-26, 2017

Police target skateboard race at Dolores Park

SFPD officers clashed with several dozen skateboarders who were engaging in an unofficial racing contest down Dolores Street on July 11, Mission Local’s Laura Waxmann reported. At one point members of the crowd who had gathered to watch the race began chanting “fuck the police” and officers responded by firing rubber bullets into the crowd. Several people were taken to the hospital with injuries including a skateboarder who went flying over the hood of a police car and Jake Phelps, the editor of Thrasher skateboarding magazine.

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Calle 24 recognized as state cultural district

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The California Arts Council voted on July 10 to designate 14 state “cultural districts,” including the Calle 24 corridor in San Francisco’s Mission District. “This acknowledgment comes from the many years of work by Calle 24 and our partners the SF Latino Historical Society, SF Heritage, Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, Supervisors Campos and Ronen and the community that created the culture and beauty that we enjoy today,” read a statement released by Calle 24 District.

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