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Photo Essay: Quinceañera, Rite of Passage

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[su_box title=”Quinceañera”]Editor’s Note: Elizabeth Hernandez, who recently turned 15, describes what her quinceañera means to her.
For Latinas, a quinceañera is important because it’s the stage where she goes from being a girl to a woman. In my case, it took us two years to plan my quinceañera, sometimes it takes more or less time, depending on each family because you have to plan for both the mass and the party. Since I was 11 years old, I was already thinking about my quinceañera. For young women, it’s a very beautiful thing and a moment that I will never forget. After my celebration, I felt different, like something had changed in me. I had entered a new stage in life, and for me it was the most beautiful of all. I chose my theme because it’s very related to horses and that is reflective of my Mexico. I didn’t want something very elegant. I really like the ranchero lifestyle more than anything. It reflects my taste, and my country that is Mexico.[/su_box]

Story by: Gino Abrajano