2014 Election day recap: low voter turnout and what the results mean for latinos

The results are in, and while it’s too early to know for sure how they will change the landscape, here is a brief recap of some of the measures most likely to impact Latinos.

Foul play: Celebrations turn ugly as Giants win third championship

Watching Madison Bumgarner toss five masterful shutout innings in relief to close out the 2014 World Series apparently wasn’t enough for some people, who still felt the urge to throw stuff.

2014 Latino Voting Guide

In an effort to simplify voting, students from San Francisco State’s Latino Politics course (LTNS 660) have created a “voter guide” to help inform the Latino community about the local and state measures that will be on this year’s ballot.

Day of the Dead: local artists mourn loss of life, culture

When it comes to keeping tradition alive, renowned San Francisco artist Rene Yañez and his son Rio prefer an unconventional approach: They celebrate death.

The fight for the 16th St. BART plaza continues

Protesters in the Mission District rallied on Oct. 4 to mark the one-year anniversary of the fight against a proposed market-rate development at the 16th Street BART plaza, an area where the Mission’s low-income and homeless have found sanctuary for many years. Activists and locals fear that the project at 1979 Mission Street threatens to displace the neighborhood’s historically working-class and minority residents.

Venezuela under fire: un país en el punto de mira

Over the last two weeks, the international community has been bombarded with striking images from Venezuela. Those ubiquitous figures embodying our era—young protesters confronting the iron clad repression of an unpopular government—seem to have sprung up in Venezuela.