Vigil for Demouria Hogg

Hundreds of people attended the vigil for Demouria Hogg on June 12, blocking a freeway exit by chaining themselves together at the Lake Shore 580 off ramp where Hogg was shot and killed by Oakland Police on June 6.

Locals oppose promotion of ‘charter cities’ in Honduras

Several dozen demonstrators gathered outside 44 Tehama Street in San Francisco to protest a panel on Zones for Employment and Economic Development (ZEDEs) also know as “Charter Cities” in Honduras.

Ecuador minister champions the ‘good life’

The minister of Ecuador’s State Secretary Presidential Initiative for the Society of Good Life, Freddy Ehlers, spoke at this year’s Love Summit in Portland, Oregon on June 13.

Board votes down luxury-housing moratorium

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Carnaval 2015

San Francisco celebrated its 37th year last Saturday and Sunday, May 23 and 24. This year’s theme was “Agua Sagrada” or Sacred Water, a reference to the importance of conservation during the current drought.

Flagship program helps children overcome trauma

An immigrant from El Salvador and now single mother of three, alone in San Francisco, Miriam Flores needed help. After going to a pediatrics clinic at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH), she discovered the Child Trauma Research Program.

Shot in the back: Autopsy contradicts SFPD version of Amilcar death

Arnoldo Casillas, the attorney representing the Perez-Lopez family, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against San Francisco Police Department on April 24 after private autopsy findings challenged the official police version of the fatal shooting.

Baile en la calle: a celebration of past and present

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Mission joins national protest against police brutality

The “Shut It Down” movement encouraged students and workers to strike and march in cities across the country as part of a national dialogue about police brutality and discrimination.

Another at-risk Mission building goes up in flames

Yet another blaze engulfed a two-story, two-unit building at Bartlett and 26th streets on April…