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Independence Day in the Mission

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[su_box title=”Independence Day in the Mission”]In honor of Mexican Independence Day, the San Francisco Lowrider Council held a barbeque in Potrero del Sol (La Raza) Park on Sunday, Sept. 18. The Mission District event featured lowriders, hydraulics, music and food. At times, it felt like a massive family reunion. The food was free, kids played in the park and smiles beamed as brightly as the sun. Nelly “The Mad Scientist,” who works on car hydraulics, said he thinks cars can be an escape for some people. “These cars define us. Each car has a story,” he said. “My car defines me. It defines freedom and I feel stress free when I drive. I could go anywhere and not have to worry about the real world in the few hours I’m cruising.” [/su_box]

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