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So you like ‘Despacito’ but not our people? Slow your roll

On August 4th, “Despacito” became the most viewed video in the history of YouTube.

For those that didn’t know who reggaeton artists Daddy Yankee and Latin pop artist Luis Fonsi were in the beginning of 2017, soon realized in the summer they are force to be reckoned with. The Spanish language song from Fonsi features him, Daddy Yankee and Puerto Rican citizens in the beaches and streets of Puerto Rico and showcases the culture and passion that comes from being one with the music.

The video went on to be viewed more than 3 billion times.

And to be clear, this is the original video WITHOUT Justin Bieber. Though Bieber did play a role into the popularity of this song it’s pretty obvious which version the world prefers to listen to.

No other video has been able to achieve this amount of success in such a short time. The last time a Spanish language song was that popular was back in 1996 and it was the Macarena.

Anyone who is Latino should be proud to know that no matter where you go in the world, you’re culture is something that is welcomed. The problem is while our culture may be welcomed, our people aren’t. That’s the message from this current administration.

But given the rampant xenophobia in this era of Trump, it’s ironic that a song by two Puerto Rican artists has become the most viewed in Youtube history. This administration is now in the works of attempting to pass a bill that will cut immigration in half by 2027, claiming that it puts Americans first. Although the chances of something like this being passed is slim, it lends legitimacy to those racist people who look to blame Latinos and other immigrants for their failures.

Trump might need to be reminded that his mother, the late Mary Anne MacLeod came to this country in 1929, hustling to make a living for herself. Immigrants, Latino and non, are trying to do the same.

His tunnel vision hatred towards Latinos blinds him from the long-term effect that barring immigrant workers would have on the economy. We make this country run.

And we’ve left our mark in the entertainment industry too.

This explains why “Despacito” is the most played song on YouTube. Although Trump is looking to suppress Latinos with walls, legislation and new bills, he still can’t stop us and our influence. The views don’t lie. Our numbers don’t lie. We’re here to stay.

Story by: Jay Garcia