Early childhood educators deserve equal play

[su_label type=”info”]LETTER TO THE EDITOR: [/su_label] Dear Editor: With the “Week of the Young Child”…

UC Berkeley decision to host Pinoche-connected economist appalling

Dear Editor, I found [it] appalling to see the U.C. Berkeley Campus extending an invitation…

SF General belongs to all of us, not just the wealthy and banks

In November of 2008 San Francisco voted on an $887.4 million bond measure to build…

Letter to the editor: Undocumented immigrants not the problem

The killing by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is an aberration. It does not typify the 18,000 undocumented Mexican immigrants, among San Francisco’s 809,000 residents, who are here to seek work and a better life.

Plaza 16 developer states its case

We take pride in being responsible developers who work with the community to build projects that serve the needs of the area, and that’s what we’re trying to do at 16th and Mission streets. Our 1979 Mission project would create new, much-needed housing for San Francisco to help ease the pressures on the existing housing stock and rents. Ideally, it would include affordable workforce housing for teachers, police officers/firefighters and laborers. And it would bring much-needed improvements to adjacent Marshall Elementary School and the surrounding area to make it safer and more accessible for school children, residents and pedestrians.

A personal account: the night Argentina lost

Goal by Mario Götze—Germany: 1; Argentina: 0. At the 113-minute mark, before the end of the World Cup, I thought, “Yuck. The Germans will win.” Ten minutes later the defeat was final. A whole generation waiting for Argentina to win the match, a generation that had never seen their team get to a semi-final, was completely disappointed.

Letters to the Editor: 3/14/2013

  Dear editor, In a recent issue of [El] Tecolote I read of the Mission…