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Letter: Buena Vista Horace Mann community demands answers after principal put on leave
Buena Vista Horace Mann principal Claudia DeLarios Morán.

Dear Mission District and greater San Francisco community,

On the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 30 2019, the staff of Buena Vista Horace Mann was informed by San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) representatives that our trusted principal and leader, Claudia DeLarios Morán was being put on leave. They gave us no explanation as to why they were putting her on leave nor a timeline for her return. Very little information was given about how Ms. DeLarios Morán’s duties as the leader of the school would be fulfilled in her absence and what type of supports would be given to the school community.

We, the staff at BVHM, stand by Ms. DeLarios Morán. We have complete faith in her leadership and we believe the district is taking a punitive decision in this matter. We are demanding her immediate return to lead our community because of the following reasons:

She is a visible and prominent leader in the Mission community and is representative of the kind of transformative leadership that our community needs. 

She is a local Latina woman who is from our community and understands how to provide equitable learning opportunities so all of our students thrive.

She is excellent at her job and is responsive to both individual and collective needs.

She believes in and practices restorative justice and creates a sense of purpose and unity in our community.

Our community proudly collaborates with numerous organizations including:  Jamestown, Loco Bloco, Cuicacalli, 826 Valencia, Instituto Familiar de la Raza and many other to bring much needed services to our students. Ms. DeLarios Morán is central to those relationships.  

Ms. DeLarios Morán has supported temporary familial housing for SFUSD families to alleviate the pressures of homelessness in our community.

In the nine years since BVHM has existed, we have had four principals. Ms. DeLarios Morán is the only leader we have had who has stayed for more than three years. She provides the stability and support that is essential to BVHM’s future. There has been consistent growth in student achievement under her leadership. During her time as principal, there has been the least amount of staff turnover in our nine year history. Staff members are happy working at BVHM with Ms. DeLarios Morán as our principal.

In response to the forced leave of our principal, the BVHM staff will be taking organized action in the form of “work to rule” starting Monday, Nov. 4. Middle school staff will work 8:17 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. and elementary school staff will work 9:10 a.m. – 4:40 p.m. only. Under the leadership of Ms. DeLarios Morán, we have been glad to work unpaid hours beyond our contract time in order to meet the needs of our community. However, we cannot continue this practice in her absence. 

BVHM staff is requesting that the parents and greater community support us in advocating for Ms. DeLarios Morán’s immediate return to her job as principal by contacting the SFUSD Public Relations Manager Laura Dudnick ( We will attend the SFUSD Board of Education meeting on the evening of Nov. 12 at 6 pm at 555 Franklin Street. Please join us in support of this prominent and important leader in our community.  

In unity,

Staff of Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 Community School 

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